What are AC Error Codes?

AC Error codes are a code used to indicate that anything in your air conditioning system can need to be fixed or is not working as it should. Each code has a different meaning and may signify the source of the problem when the codes are specified, allowing technicians to fix it directly.

What should I do when I see an AC error?

1- Reset the system

Restarting the device would erase the on-board memory of the air conditioner. It is not always good, but before spending cash on a Air conditioner service call, it is worth a try.

By disconnecting your air conditioning system from its power supply, re-start your system. Unplug it from a power point, turn off the insulator next to the outdoor unit, or turn off the power from the electrical board of your building. Leave it for 15 to 30 minutes then.

2- Call an HVAC Expert

It is safe to get a professional look at your mistake and it guarantees that you do not unintentionally cause any harm to your AC system. At a low price, Al Kassar AC Spare Parts Company will help you find a top Air Conditioner technician. Call us on +971 52 379 5500 or apply now for a quote.


Acson AC Error Codes Troubleshooting

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