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Why AirBnB Owners Need a Smart In-Floor Thermostat – Smart Home and Energy Savings Blog – AC Spare Parts Dubai

AirBnB owners could really benefit from owning a smart thermostat.

Managing an AirBnB rental can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Creating new friendships and sharing your beautiful home with others are just some of the many benefits. But it can also be a BIG responsibility!

Whether you run several AirBnB units, are new to the game, or are a seasoned pro determines how being an AirBnB manager impacts your life. But at the end of the day, how much you keep renting your space on AirBnB really boils down to the difference in operating costs and how much you can hope to get from it.

Upgrading your AirBnB rental(s) with radiant floor heating and a compatible heated floor smart thermostat will both improve your guests’ experience and make managing each rental a whole lot easier whilst reducing your operating costs.

Creating a Warm Welcome for Your Guests

First impressions mean everything to your guests. From the moment they walk in the front door, they want to feel welcome, comfortable, and at home.

A clean, orderly, and well-decorated space pays tenfold in customer satisfaction and raving reviews. And the greater care you take in providing that warm and inviting welcome, the greater chance your renters will take care of the space during their stay.

From freshly cut flowers and a bottle of wine to a refrigerator full of local foods and farm fresh eggs, AirBnB owners have millions of creative ways to stage the perfect welcome. Whatever your unique style is, don’t forget the perfect pairing to them all: Warmth!

Whether your guests are coming from a day of sightseeing, a long drive, or a hike, every one of them arrives with the expectation of a relaxing, homey environment. So why not invite them to slip off their shoes and rest their travel-worn feet on comfortably, heated floors?

Radiant floor heating is unique from forced air and baseboard heating in that it heats your AirBnB rental from the floor, up, rather than by pushing air from wall units. Whether you’ve chosen tile, stone, wood, concrete, or carpet to adorn your floors, radiant heat will emanate from beneath your guests’ feet, making them feel instantly warm and welcome. And anything that’s touching the floor will be equally warmed including your plush couch, that armchair by the window, and of course, the bed(s).

Unlike traditional heating systems, radiant floor heating never makes a room feel stuffy or overheated so any guest will feel comfortable, no matter who they are or where they’ve come from. And, because we’ve done away with the intrusive screen on our new AC Spare Parts Dubai In-Floor Smart Thermostat, you have the freedom to decorate as you please without worrying about working around wall heaters and the thermostat.

Protect Your Rental Before & After Checkout

Flexible check-in options are very popular with both AirBnB hosts and their guests, but they could leave your rental standing ready and unused for hours. Walking into a fire burning and crackling in the fireplace is a wonderfully warm welcome for guests, but it’s impossible to leave one burning unattended. And, starting a baseboard heating or forced air heating system ahead of time can also pose dangers, and can cost you a great deal in heating an empty home.

Pairing underfloor heating with a heated floor smart thermostat makes it possible to comfortably heat your AirBnB rental ahead of time without fire risk and automate the heat to start just before check-in time.

In adding a heated floor smart thermostat to your AirBnB unit(s), you can effortlessly create that warm welcome by automating the heat to start up 30 minutes before your guests’ arrival and even manually turn it on when they text you that they’re almost there. Equally, your underfloor heating system can also be automated to shut off at check out time to urge them on their way and eliminate the worry of heating an empty space.

You might also take advantage of the AC Spare Parts Dubai In-Floor Thermostat’s built-in geofencing technology by installing the AC Spare Parts Dubai app on a smart keychain that will automatically turn the underfloor heating on and off as your guests come and go.

How to be a Savvy, Energy Conscious AirBnB Owner

AirBnB guests love every little personal touch afforded by attentive owners, which is why so many choose AirBnB over hotel options. Often, staying in an AirBnB rental can open visitors’ eyes to new ways of living and even spark changes when they return home.

From the modern sustainability standpoint, conserving energy is very attractive to guests. Conserving energy also directly translates to lower utility bills and a lower AirBnB rental overhead. With those savings, you could offer reduced rates to increase the number of days your AirBnB is in use, entice guests into longer stays, and even add new upgrades to your rental to increase the value.

If you’re renting an AirBnB unit in a progressive city like Chicago or San Francisco, or offering long-term stays, you might even consider empowering your renters with a voice assistant that will allow them to turn the underfloor heating on and off with your installed smart thermostat!

Maintain Greater Control of Your Rental

Whether your AirBnB rental is connected to your home, on the same property, or far away, maintaining control is incredibly important to provide the best guest experience and make a good profit.

Forced air and baseboard heat are the most commonly installed heating systems, but radiant floor heating allows much greater control and comfortable, gradual heating for rental homes. Installing a heated floor smart thermostat puts the power of remote and automated control of heating in your hands, no matter where you are. You can even turn the heat on and off while you’re at the office, driving, and out of state!

You could also connect the heated floor smart thermostat to a larger smart home automation system to turn lights and appliances on/off and even automatically lower window shades when the rental is not in use to further reduce expenses and protect your rental.

Own an AirBnB Rental? Get a Smart In-Floor Thermostat!

AirBnB is a wonderful way to collect income on unused rooms, guest houses, and second properties when they’re not in use. Regardless of how many AirBnB rentals you manage, you know a welcoming and comfortable guest experience leads to positive reviews, more bookings, and of course, more profit.

Creating a warm and welcoming environment for your guests is easy with a few personal touches and toasty warm radiant heated floors. A heated floor smart thermostat takes it to the next level, enabling you to automate the heating in your AirBnB home(s) to make your guests comfortable from the moment they walk in the door.’

Give your guests a 5-star experience and upgrade to the new AC Spare Parts Dubai Smart In-Floor Thermostat!

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