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dandelion-fieldHomeowners tend to put a lot of emphasis on the temperatures in their homes. When you live in a place like Colorado, you need to make sure that your home is kept cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. It’s totally understandable that, given our spectrum of temperature extremes, you’d put a lot of focus on your HVAC systems. However, as a trusted HVAC company in Loveland, we have to remind you to look beyond temperature.

Why? Because temperature is really only a part of the comfort equation. Is it an important part? Yes, of course it is. But so too is your indoor air quality, and that is a component that is too often ignored or simply overlooked by homeowners. That’s a shame, because poor indoor air quality can really lead to problems not just with comfort, but with overall health, as well. Our team can help you improve your indoor air quality.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality

Now that is a loaded question. There are a ton of different causes of poor indoor air quality, and some of them are actually beneficial in other ways. Take your home’s air seal, for instance. Yes, a very tightly sealed and well-insulated home is great for energy efficiency purposes. However, it also really limits the natural ventilation that older, less efficient homes would have. That means that air can get really stale, really quickly, if you’re not addressing that concern. Other potential issues include:

  • Humidity levels in the house
  • General cleanliness
  • Proximity to major roadways, construction sites, or wooded areas
  • Pets in the house

Now, you obviously cannot be expected to just up and move because the dust and fumes from a nearby freeway are becoming an issue for you. And we certainly wouldn’t suggest giving up a beloved furry friend to combat air quality issues! So what’s the solution?

The Solution Is—Finding the Right Solution!

Much as we would love to tell you otherwise, there is no single solution that is going to fix every indoor air quality problem in every home. Different homes have unique needs, and different homeowners have different concerns and sensitivities. The good news is that there is a solution to your problems out there. You just need to work with professional IAQ technicians like ours to be sure that you’re approaching the issue in the right manner. We install and service:

  • Air filters and air cleaners, to deal with airborne pollutants
  • UV germicidal lights, to deal with biological pollutants
  • Humidifiers and dehumidifiers, to balance humidity levels

We also offer great duct services to ensure that your air ducts are properly sealed and clean within. The last thing that you want is for something as important as your ductwork to be actively contributing to your indoor air quality problems! Whatever your IAQ needs may be, we’re here to make sure they’re met.

Schedule your IAQ services with HVACDXB Heating & Air Conditioning. Big enough to serve, small enough to care.

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Make-Up Air Units Explained

Make-Up Air Units Explained

Make up air units or MUA as they are commonly referred to play a vital role in your condominium. The building MUA unit is generally located at the top of the building, either in the mechanical room or out on the roof. The function of the MUA unit is in the an initialism; make up air to the building that gets exhausted from kitchen, bathroom and or dryer exhaust systems. The building ventilation and the MUA system need to work together to ensure the building pressure is maintained. Too much MUA in a building and noise becomes a common complaint; too little MUA and complaints of smells in the hallways are more prevalent. The MUA needs to ensure the hallways are pressurized which helps keep cooking odors etc. localized to each suite.


Air Balancing

One item that is often overlooked with MUA systems is the air balancing portion. Over the years it’s not uncommon to have tenants make adjustments to the hallway diffusers that have an adverse effect on the overall system. The system should be checked and rebalanced every so often to ensure each floor is receiving the proper amount of air. The airflow is measured in Cubic feet per Minute (CFM) The total CFM of the MUA system is recorded and compared to the nameplate rating. The balancing and adjusting of every hallway grill on each floor is carried out and recorded to ensure the proper airflow is being delivered.


Hallway Temperatures

The majority of MUA systems temper the air in the winter to ensure icy cold air is not being delivered to the hallways. Some MUA systems are designed to provide cooling in the summer as well. One complaint I hear all the time is that the hallways temperature doesn’t feel the same as my unit. Hallways do not need to be kept at 23C (74F) in the winter time, 20C (68F) is more than an adequate temperature; the hallways are not living spaces. It is important to remember that the amount of gas required to heat up the outside air from -10C to a comfortable hallway temperature is very significant. The difference between a house furnace and a MUA is that the MUA is always trying to heat outside air, -10C in this case,  compared to a home furnace heating up the return air coming back  around 20C.  


Regular Preventative Maintenance

I can’t stress enough the importance of regular preventative maintenance. The MUA filters in many cases may require changing every month, if you only have Bi-monthly inspections then every two months is adequate. The MUA belts, motor and components need to be inspected as well. I find the inlet dampers on a lot of MUA units get neglected and should be lubricated twice a year. As with any gas-fired appliance a major inspection should be carried out on an annual basis where the major components such as the burners, ventor motor, heat exchanger etc. are thoroughly inspected. This service should be scheduled for the summer.


Variable Frequency Drives

You have probably heard the term Variable frequency drives (VFD) a lot in the last 10 years. These are devises that are installed on pieces of equipment to slow the operation of a motor or pump. With respects to MUA units a VFD drive can pay for itself in just a few years. The function of the VFD on a MUA unit is to slow down the motor and deliver less air. The VFD is typically set up on a timer to provide a percentage of the full CFM the building requires. There are certain times of the day that require less make up air. The peak demands for air will be first thing in the morning when residents are getting ready for work and after work when residents get home. Laundry machines with dryers, showering, cooking for the most part take place at these times of day. During the day and overnight when residents are either at work or sleeping there is typically not a lot of exhausting appliances operating. When the air flow is reduced during this non-peak operating hours there are significant gas savings. When the MUA unit delivers less air it means there is less air that needs to be heated and when the outdoor air is at -10C a tremendous amount of gas is consumed to reach our set point temperature. As with any type of energy savings there is a fine line that needs to be walked. There are limits to the amount of air that can be reduced with respects to the overall building requirements and the MUA design specifications, I always recommend consulting a professional to ensure these items are satisfied.     

Here is an example and video tour of a direct fired make up air


Check out the link to my YouTube channel for more tips, tricks, and troubleshooting videos and check out the The HVAC Spare Parts Dubai podcast here or on your favourite podcast app.  Happy HVACing…


Article By Derek Kernick


Bio: Responsible for the leadership and management of the operations and field service technicians. Ensure the revenue and profit objectives are achieved. Coach and develop employees in the office and the field to maximize their performance, provide feedback and or corrective action. Develop plans and align work to meet contractual obligations and ensure service work is completed in the time allotted. Interview and hire new employees and ensure on-going training is provided. Provide technical support to field staff. Meet with engineers on site to review mechanical retrofits and help provide solutions. Meet with property managers and board members to review contracts and manage large projects.

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Air Scrubbers: Way Beyond the Standard HVAC Filter System - Ace Solves It All |

Air Scrubbers: Way Beyond the Standard HVAC Filter System – – Ac Spare Parts Suppliers Dubai |

We’re all a lot more concerned about the air we breathe, especially in our house. Many of us are wondering if the standard air filters that came with our heating and air conditioning (HVAC) system are sufficient to keep us protected and healthy.


There’s not a definitive answer. It often depends on health-related factors like whether you or a family member has asthma or allergies. But one thing’s for sure – according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the air in our homes can contain two to five times the concentrations of some pollutants than are found outside. What’s more, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors. It might be time to upgrade that standard HVAC filter, and one of your most powerful and efficient options is known as an air scrubber.


Extended protection

The HVAC air filters you should be changing regularly have a very important role, but it’s probably not what you think. The filters are there to protect various components of your air conditioning and heating systems from damage caused by a steady accumulation of particulate matter found in the exterior air it pulls in.


There’s some protection offered to you and your family, but these filters trap only larger particles. This doesn’t really do much to improve indoor air quality.


The most common reason for health issues caused by poor indoor air are from things like mold, airborne viruses and bacteria, and pollen. There also are chemicals released from the paint on your walls, the fibers of your carpet, and even dry-cleaned clothing known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


These airborne particles are too small to be captured and removed by the standard HVAC filters in your home. For that, you need a different type of system such as an air scrubber. It’s designed specifically to remove chemicals, microscopic particles and other contaminants that are likely the cause of your family’s discomfort at home.


How does an air scrubber work?

There are several different types of air scrubbers. They all have the same goal, which is to “scrub” the microscopic particles from their air as it’s passing through your home’s HVAC system. The most effective air scrubbers are modeled after one of nature’s most powerful air scrubbers – the sun.


Ultraviolet rays, like those produced by sunshine, are highly effective at neutralizing germs and gasses. The scrubber uses a system of ultraviolet lamps that sterilize the air passing through. Meanwhile the photochemical reaction that takes place removes odors.


These microscopic “bad guys” get a new lease on life. After neutralization, some can be turned into powerful oxidizing agents that are naturally antimicrobial. The benefit goes beyond the healthier air you’ll breathe in your home. Sooner or later, all those microscopic particles came in for a landing. An air scrubber will also help to keep surfaces in your home – kitchen countertops, bathrooms, and even doorknobs – cleaner.


The addition of an air scrubber can help keep you and your family healthier. They’re easy to install into your existing HVAC equipment and so effective that the technology helps to maintain the health of astronauts aboard the International Space Station. Learn more.

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Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

Top 4 Ways Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health – Conditioning

April 7, 2020

Top 4 Ways Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

Poor Air Quality can affect your health and negatively impact indoor air quality, not to mention your wallet. When it comes to keeping you and your family healthy, indoor air quality matters. In fact, dirty air can lead to costly repairs by making your HVAC system work harder. It is important to know the impacts that poor indoor air quality can have, so we have put together a list of a few ways dirty ducts can affect your health.

Allergies and Asthma

If you already suffer from allergies or asthma, you probably know how much your environment can affect these conditions. Dust, allergens, mold, and mildew build up inside your air, and get circulated back through your home by your HVAC system which can trigger severe allergy symptoms and asthma attacks.

Respiratory Issues

Even if you typically don’t suffer from allergies or asthma, dirty air can lead to upper respiratory issues and can cause shortness of breath, congestion, and sore throat. 

Eye Irritation

People who experience dry-eye syndrome may suffer increased eye irritation as a result of dirty air. Dust, pet dander, and other pollutants can get in the eyes and create red, itchy, irritated eyes.


Breathing in contaminated air can also cause fatigue. Similar to your HVAC system, having to work harder to distribute air when the air is full of pollutants, your lungs have to work harder to distribute air to other parts of your body. 

Quite simply, in many ways, you are what you breathe and what you breathe in can directly affect your health and the health of your family. Keeping your air clean is essential to protecting the indoor air quality of your home as well as keeping your HVAC system operating at peak efficiency. For all your HVAC system questions and maintenance concerns, contact the professionals at We’re committed to the quality of the air you and your family breathe every single day. Call and schedule to learn more about indoor air quality and breathe a little easier. 

Air Balancing – How To Avoid Hot and Cold Spots

Spring Checklist for your HVAC System

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What Can an Air Filtration System Do for You?

What Can an Air Filtration System Do for You?

While we sit at home and wait for this pandemic to finally be over, it can be easy to get lost in a wide web of online searches for ways to improve your indoor air quality. So, in light of the news and everyone wondering now about ways to make their indoor air quality better, we’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to the effect that an air filtration system can have on your home.

No, we’re not just talking about the filter on your air conditioner or heating system. We’re talking about a separate piece of machinery that is devoted entirely to filtering out bad particles and letting you breathe the clean air you desperately want. Luckily, there are teams like ours that provide indoor air quality services in Westlake for homeowners who want this upgrade sooner rather than later.

Enjoy Cleaner Air

Air filtration systems are designed to remove particles that might be harmful for people with sensitive respiratory systems or asthma. However, like most HVAC systems, there’s not just one single benefit from having clean air, but a variety of benefits that can come from investing in such a system. Let’s take a closer look.

  • Eliminate VOCs. VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, are things like aerosol sprays and paints that can linger in your air after they are used. These are not only obnoxious to live with, they’re harmful to your health and the health of your family. While there are some safe practices you can follow to limit your exposure to VOCs, an air filtration system will eliminate them completely!
  • Eliminate Odors. Contrary to popular belief, odors are not just the “air smelling bad,” but rather odors exist from nasty particles existing in the air. Those particles can be invisible to the naked eye, but they’re absolutely there and are difficult to deal with. Filter out those particles with an air filtration system today!
  • Eliminate Dust, Pet Dander, and Debris. We all know what it feels like to constantly deal with dust, pet dander, and debris. From coughing, to choking, to sneezing, there are a variety of ways our bodies are trying to tell us that breathing these materials is not healthy. By utilizing an air filtration system, you can filter out these nasty particles and improve your respiratory health. This can even make your home a healthier environment for those suffering from asthma as well!
  • Improve Sleep. Breathing is vital for sound sleep. When your home is dusty or dirty, you’re creating a situation where you’ll inevitably have trouble sleeping. Coughing, sneezing, and a dry throat can keep you from achieving that level of sleep where you can truly rest your brain. By investing in an air filtration system, you can mitigate these particles so they don’t bother you in your most vulnerable state.

Call Us Today

Are you blown away about the sheer amount of benefits that an air filtration system can provide? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not the only one. It’s time to take your indoor air quality to the next level and filter your air by calling our team.

The team at – Heating & Air Conditioning can help you achieve your indoor air quality goals. Contact us today!

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Air Balancing

Air Balancing – How To Avoid Hot and Cold Spots – Conditioning

March 19, 2020

Air Balancing – How To Avoid Hot and Cold Spots

What exactly is air balancing and how can it help you avoid hot and cold spots in your home? If you’re routinely experiencing sleepless nights because your bedroom is hotter than the Sahara, but simultaneously hate stepping out of the shower because your bathroom feels like the arctic tundra, balancing the air in your home can help. We want to help you regain that balance with some tips for avoiding those pesky hot and cold spots in your home.

What is Air Balancing?

When you balance the tires on your car, you are ensuring the weight of your vehicle is as evenly distributed as possible. If a tire is out of balance, it may wear out faster, and you could experience an uncomfortable, bumpier ride. It’s similar to balancing the air in your home through your HVAC system. When the air is distributing differently to different rooms, your HVAC system has to work harder to heat and cool your home, and that can lead to more wear and tear on your entire system as well as the uncomfortable hot or cold spots throughout your home. Ensuring even distribution of the air is critical to keeping your home comfortable and your HVAC system running smoothly. 

What can you do?

  1. A clean filter is a happy filter –  And a clean, happy filter is essential to improving the air quality in your home and increasing your HVAC system’s efficiency. Check your filter regularly and follow your HVAC manufacturer’s guidelines for how often you should change it.
  2. Use window treatments to your advantage – If you’ve noticed that the master bedroom seems several degrees warmer than the rest of the house and you have a lot of windows, make sure you have blinds or drapes that can block out the sun in the summer and keep the heat in during the winter. This simple physical barrier can help maximize your system’s efficiency. 
  3. Don’t park Dad’s recliner over the register – Restricting the airflow in any way is going to, well, restrict the airflow. So, unless that is your intention in that particular area, keep furniture and other items away from registers and air vents to allow the air to flow freely. 
  4. Check your ducts for proper sizing – Many homes can experience hot and cold spots due to improperly sized ducts. Poorly designed ductwork inhibits air flow and cause your system to work harder to distribute the air throughout your home. To eliminate improper duct sizing as a potential issue, have your ductwork analyzed by an HVAC professional.
  5. Balance upper and lower floors – If you live in a two-story home, make sure your upper floor temp is set two degrees warmer in the summer and two degrees cooler in the winter. Heat rises, so offsetting the temp between the two floors will help to keep them both at a consistent even temperature. 
  6. Call Conditioning – You could need adjustments to the ductwork or service on your system. And it’s better to be proactive than to overwork your HVAC system into a much more expensive scenario.

If you’re experiencing hot or cold spots in your home, contact the dedicated HVAC professionals at We’re committed to the quality of the air you and your family breathe and live in – every single day. Call now to talk to one of our team members about scheduling a service call today. 

Why is my Furnance Leaking Water

Top 4 Ways Poor Air Quality Can Affect Your Health

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Clearing Up the Confusion: Air Purifiers and Air Filters Aren’t the Same - Ace Solves It All |

Clearing Up the Confusion: Air Purifiers and Air Filters Aren’t the Same – – Ac Spare Parts Suppliers Dubai |

Irritated eyes, a scratchy throat, and even a headache can be signs of an allergy, but they also can just as easily be clues that your home has poor indoor air quality. It’s often caused by the lack of fresh outdoor air, or by contaminants in the air recirculated throughout your home.


This is more likely to happen if you have a newer home, which benefits from more stringent building procedures that insulate better but allow for less air movement. Today’s homeowners have a variety of solutions to improve indoor air quality, but many of us struggle to understand the difference between two main types. We can choose between air purifiers or air filters – but they’re not the same thing. Here’s what you need to know.


Air filters

You might also hear these called air cleaners, and you already have this system in place if you’ve got a forced air heating and cooling system. These are the air filters you are supposed to regularly inspect and replace. They’re designed to help keep your HVAC ducts clean and allow the system to run more efficiently.


These air filters work by capturing and reducing airborne particles like dust and dander – major contributors to poor indoor air quality – from being recirculated through your home via your HVAC system ducts.


It might be time to bring in an indoor air quality expert to upgrade the type of air filter you use if you suspect that this may be the cause of your family’s discomfort. Not all filters remove the same or even all types of contaminants from the air.


Many homeowners find better relief by switching to HEPA air filters, which are capable of capturing up to 99.97 percent of the contaminants in the air. These particles can be as small as 0.3 microns in size. HEPA filters go beyond capturing dust particles. They can capture and remove bacteria, too.


Air purifiers

Air filter systems may not be enough to provide relief for some of the more sensitive members of your family. These systems remove dust particles and dander, but they’re unable to capture or disable anything that falls below 0.3 microns in size – such as most viruses, mold and mildew, and airborne chemicals.


To go after these irritants, we need to turn to an air purifying system, which is designed to sanitize the air. Air purifiers use a variety of sanitizing processes, including ozone, ultraviolet light, and even heat.


Air purification systems can be added to your home’s HVAC system, or they can be stand-alone devices found in each room. Ultraviolet or UV systems are gaining in popularity because they’re extremely efficient at killing bacteria, molds and even fungus.


How do you decide?

The only way to be certain about what’s causing your “itchy scratchies” and make the right choice to improve indoor air quality is to schedule a comprehensive indoor air quality test. With this information, we can help you decide on the right systems and services to help your family breathe easier.


Take advantage of our special offer on Pristine Air Scrubber Air Purification System and get $250 off the cost of installation when you order between now and April 30, 2020.

Click here for more information and to take advantage of this offer today!

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Increase Indoor Air Quality with These Essential Tips

Increase Indoor Air Quality with These Essential Tips

Increase Indoor Air Quality with These Essential TipsIf you’re like most people, your home is a special place where you can relax and enjoy time with family and friends. However, you may not be aware that there could be unseen dangers lurking around your home, including deadly gases, toxic substances and harmful bacteria.

The good news is that there are some relatively simple and inexpensive steps you can take to improve your indoor air quality today. And since you likely spend more time at home than anywhere else, it’s vital that you ensure your home is a healthy place to stay.

4 Essential Tips to Increase Indoor Air Quality

1. Keep Your Home Clean 

You can remove a significant amount of pollutants from your home just by cleaning your furnace coils, peform regular furnace maintenance and stick to a regular cleaning schedule. Vacuum (ideally with a machine that has a HEPA filter) and/or mop your floors twice per week. You should also clean your surface areas with a damp cloth, wash bedding in hot water every week and use an eco-friendly cleaning product to keep mold, bacteria and germs out of your home. 

2. Provide Fresh Air

Homes today are more air tight than ever, which is smart for energy conservation, but can also trap more pollutants inside your home. Open your windows whenever the weather permits, and use exhaust fans when showering and cooking. You might even consider installing an air purification system to improve indoor air quality.

3. Store Harmful Chemicals Safely

Keep paints, pesticides and other toxic chemical products locked away in an outside storage container or on a secure shelf in your garage.

4. Monitor Potential Dangers in Your Home

Install and test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors around your home, so you’ll always be warned if your family is in harm’s way. Make sure to replace the batteries in your detectors twice a year. 

For more tips on how to improve the indoor air quality in your Calgary home, please feel free to contact Arpi’s Industries, Ltd. anytime.

Credit/Copyright Attribution: “Mert-Toker/Shutterstock”

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Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner?


We totally get it — replacing your air conditioner is certainly not something you were planning on doing this summer. However, we are here to tell you that sometimes it is for the best, especially if yours is no longer efficient or effective.

There are quite a few signs that suggest your air conditioner is no longer doing its job, and below, we have listed some of them for you. Just keep reading to find out more, and remember to call us when you need AC replacement in UAE, AZ.

When to Consider a Replacement

There are a number of signs that suggest it’s time to consider replacing your air conditioner:

It’s Old

Although your AC was built to last, the average lifespan of an air conditioner is anywhere between 10 and 15 years. It’s simple: old, outdated air conditioners are not going to be as efficient as newer models. Therefore, if your AC has aged beyond this average life expectancy, it might do you well to consider a replacement.

It Requires Frequent Repair

Your AC should not require more than just one or two repairs every few years. If yours requires any more than that, it is likely that it needs to be replaced. As a rule of thumb, if you are spending 50% or more of the cost of a new system on repairs, it’s better to just bite the bullet and invest in a replacement.

It No Longer Keeps You Cool

The primary role of your air conditioner is to keep you and your family cool and comfortable when temperatures outside aren’t quite so cool. So, if your AC is no longer able to keep up with your cooling demands, it might be best to consider a replacement.

It’s Costing You More Money

If you find that you are paying more and more to keep your home cool, it could be that it’s time to replace your air conditioner. High utility bills are a sign that your AC is no longer efficient. Trust us: investing in a new AC might just be the best way to cut back on monthly spending.

Yes, You Need to Call in a Pro

Be sure to hire a professional to handle your AC replacement services. Seriously, only a professional has the training, knowledge, and expertise to match you with the AC that is going to best meet your unique comfort needs. Plus, they’ll be sure to install it quickly and correctly the first time around, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind!

And yes, there are going to be plenty of amateurs willing to service your system, however, an attempt to save money could end up costing you much more in the long run. It’s better to call in a professional and get the job done right the first time around.

Are you ready to replace your air conditioner? If so, contact the team at AC Spare Parts Dubai today! We’ll get you set up with the AC of your dreams! Kick back and relax, we’ll keep you cool!

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Learn About All the Most Up-to-Date Technology to Keep Your HVAC System Current

Air Filters for Better Indoor Air Quality: What Size Particles Are You Concerned About? – Air Conditioning Spare Parts in Dubai, Manager of Arpi’s residential service division, has been working in the HVAC industry for 18 years and has hands-on experience in new home installations, furnace and air conditioner replacements, sales and residential service. He spends most of his spare time sharing his passion for soccer with his kids and enjoys watching them at soccer practice and games.

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